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Whether you are into gift baskets as a hobby or for a business, the Gift Basket Information Blog & Website now has a full gift basket book library so you can choose your favorite gift basket design books, gift basket business books and gift basket marketing books. You can either click on the link provided in the last sentence or click on the Gift Basket Books link in the horizontal header bar near the top of this page to visit the Gift Basket Information book collection.

You’ll find books by your favorite gift basket entrepreneurs and gift basket design gurus. You can click on each of the book covers to find more information ¬†about each of the gift basket books including book formats and book prices. Have fun browsing all the best gift basket books and good luck finding just the right gift basket reading material for your particular gift basket business or gift basket hobby needs.

The Keys to Selling Your Own Gift Basket Business

Sell Your Gift Basket Business Quickly

The gift basket business can be lots of fun and quite lucrative. But alas, all good things must come to an end and eventually, you will probably sell your business when you’re ready to retire. I don’t have good news and bad news here… only good news. It’s really quite simple to sell your gift basket company, if you follow this advice:

  • Be realistic about what it’s worth. When you were in the business, you bought items as inexpensively as possible in order to make a profit. The person who buys your business will want to do the same thing, so cut them a good deal.
  • List your business on Gift Basket Information and Craigslist. This is the best part. Both the Gift Basket Information site and Craigslist allow you to list your business for free. Be sure to describe exactly what is for sale and what you’re asking for it.
  • Think about offering to sell your business in chunks. For example, you can sell all the product for one price, all the supplies for another, the actual business (name, website, logo) for another. Then, of course, offer the whole thing for a price that is lower than the sum of the parts so that people get a better deal for buying the whole thing.
  • Make it a priority to help the new owner succeed. If they’re new to the gift basket industry, offer them advice and help them navigate those crazy first few weeks. Remember our theme: We aren’t working against each other but with each other.

Northwoods Cheese Company: Gift Basket Supplier

Northwoods Cheese Company Review

northwest cheese company logo with a leafGift basket companies rely upon our suppliers to make our businesses work. We need quality products, at a reasonable price, that will make good gift basket material. People want their gift baskets to look good and to contain products that taste good. So finding a good gift basket product supplier is a difficult but important part of the gift basket business. When you find such a gift basket vendor, it’s important you hang onto them.

Northwoods Cheese Company is just such a company. They provide their customers with top-notch products at an affordable price. And then they go the extra mile to provide the best customer support. If you haven’t gotten to know Derek Thielke, with Northwoods Cheese Company, you’re missing out. Derek will treat you with courtesy and respect, and he’ll bend over backwards to make sure you get your product, get it on time and are satisfied with the product once it arrives.

Northwoods Cheese Company Meets Gift Basket Company Standards

When shopping for  gift basket products, you should have your own checklist of criteria to make sure a company meets your standards. Of course the list will look slightly different for each company depending on your philosophy, product line, pricing standards and customers. But some important factors to consider are:

  • pricing – Remember, your company has to make money too. So you’ve got to get products for a reasonable price.
  • taste – When it comes to food products, you only want to deal with companies that carry good-tasting food. Of course, you’ll have to try it first to make sure it meets up to your standards. (It’s a rough job, but…)
  • appearance – This one is often overlooked. Gift baskets are not just about sustenance. Gift baskets are an art-form, and you are dealing with a very visual product. Each product in your basket should add to the overall visual appeal of the basket.

Northwoods Cheese Company Supports Their Community

Something you often don’t discover about your gift basket product vendors is their community involvement. It’s hard enough researching the three items listed above. So let me tell you a little something about Northwoods Cheese Company. They support their community and provide jobs not only for their employees, but also for local citizens with disabilities. Northwoods Cheese Company partners with Greenco Industries Inc. to “enable people with disabilities to contribute back to the community and achieve dignity through work.” So your purchase of the Northwoods Cheese Company products is good for you, good for your company, good for the community and, of course, good for the lucky gift basket recipients.

Northwoods Cheese Company Products

So what does Northwoods Cheese Company produce? Below is a list of some of their products. The first one is going to come as a huge surprise to you:

  • Shelf-Stable Cheese – They have too many great flavors for me to name them all here, but some delicious products include: Garden Vegetable, Chipotle Cheddar, Swiss, Cheddar, Smokey, Hot Pepper & Cranberry Cheddar.
  • Shelf-Stable Meat – Once again, Northwoods Cheese has an abundance of meat products, but some of our favorites include: Beef Summer Sausage, Cranberry Summer Sausage, Beef Salami, Cajun Summer Sausage and Cheddi-Beef Sausage. They also carry venison, elk & bison as well as sliced pepperoni.
  • Delicious Gourmet Snack Foods – You could easily design a whole line of gift baskets using Northwoods Cheese products alone. Here’s a sampling of some of their other products: Gourmet Olives, Mini Toasts, Gourmet Pickles, Fancy Crackers, Assorted Mustards, Dipping Pretzels, Smoked Almonds, Kettle Popcorn, Wafer Rolls, Almond Toffee Wafers, Cookies, Caramels, Truffles, Trail Mix, Chocolate, Tea, Hot Cocoa, Coffee, Jams and Message Chocolate Bars.
  • Pre-Packaged Gourmet Gifts – This is one of my favorite Northwoods Cheese Company offerings. In addition to all their great products that go IN your gift baskets, they also have pre-packaged items that you can ship out as-is. They have cheese & sausage trays, cheese lovers assortment on cutting boards, snack baskets, holiday baskets and holiday gift boxes. These products provide all the benefits described above plus they provide employment for community members as well as save you time. (especially around the busy holiday season)

The above selections do not reflect the entire product line for Northwoods Cheese Company. Feel free to contact Derek and/or his staff to help you place your gift basket product order today. You’ll be glad you discovered Northwoods Cheese Company!!

Gift Basket Company for Sale?

price tag for business

Business For Sale

Do You Have a Gift Basket Company for Sale?

Are you interested in selling part or all of your gift basket business? The Gift Basket Information website can help you sell your gift basket company, and it won’t cost you a penny. If you’re of a certain age, you may remember the old Swap Shop radio shows where people listed products & services on the radio and it was usually free or very inexpensive. That’s what we’re doing on our Gift Basket Businesses for Sale web page on the Gift Basket Information website. If you have a gift basket company for sale, we’ll help you sell it or at least help you get the information out to prospective clients.

Elite Gift Basket Convention Review

Successful Elite Gift Basket Convention

Elite Gift Basket Convention was a great event for gift basket professionals. It was held in Orange County California on February 20 to 22. The organizers of the event were Sherry Allen, Julie Taylor & Tammy Shapiro. All three are experts in the gift basket field and throw an incredible convention. Events and sessions that were presented at the gift basket convention included:

gift basket photo from Elite Gift Basket Convention

Design n Dash Entry

  • Balloon Basics
  • Design-n-Dash Gift Basket Competition
  • Basket Basics
  • 3 B’s – Baby baskets, Birthday baskets & Bereavement baskets
  • Niche Gift Basket Marketing
  • Capturing the Corporate Gift Basket Market
  • Gift Basket Vendor Presentation
  • Gift Basket Events
  • Budget Gift Basket Designing
  • Gift Basket Q & A with vendors and gift basket convention faculty

Hands-on Gift Basket Convention

One of the highlights of the Elite Gift Basket Convention was the opportunity for hands-on gift basket activities such as the Balloon Basics class and the Design-N-Dash competition as well as the hands-on Basket Basics. Participants had the opportunity to build their own creations using products supplied by the convention organizers and the participating vendors.This allowed for creativity and guidance from the experienced basket-builders in attendance at the convention.

Gift Basket Vendors in Abundance

Another gift basket convention highlight was the vendor participation. Convention participants had the opportunity to meet the vendors, sample some of their products and even score some substantial discounts on gift basket supplies. Each vendor also spoke to the audience about their products and policies; this was quite helpful to new gift basket business owners and allowed them to make some connections with the folks who supply gift basket products.

Gift Basket Company Guest Blog Posts Welcome

Gift Basket Blog Guest Posts

gift basket blog guest posts accepted.

Guest Posts Welcome

The Gift Basket Information Blog is accepting guest posts from:

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Gift Basket Blog Guest Post Topic Suggestions

Possible topics for inclusion in the Gift Basket Information blog are infinite. But some possible gift basket blog topics include:

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  • Gift basket money saving tips
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