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Allergy Friendly Gift Baskets

Food Allergies are Serious Business We all know someone with food allergies and realize how important it is to provide options for our friends and family members who have particular allergies. Over the past decade, schools, civic organizations and many restaurants have made great strides to cater to the needs of people with food allergies.… Read More »

Why Fair Trade Gift Baskets?

Fair Trade Federation Principle #1 Welcome to the second blog post in our series about Fair Trade gift baskets. In today’s blog-post, we’ll take a look at the the first principle of the Fair-Trade movement. Create Opportunity Fair Trade provides people the opportunity to use their skills and art to earn a fair living. The… Read More »

Fair Trade Gift Baskets

Fair Trade Federation The next few Gift Basket Information posts will be about the Fair Trade Industry and Fair Trade Gift Baskets. Fair Trade Gift Baskets aren’t for every gift basket business. Because of shipping costs and limited suppliers, the costs of producing a Fair Trade Basket is often too high and the profit margin… Read More »

Is Your Gift Basket Company Unique?

Unique Gift Basket Business Conundrum If you’ve written a business plan for your gift basket business (Please tell me you’ve written a gift basket company business plan.) you know the importance of being unique. What sets your gift basket business apart from others? Whenever someone finds out that you’re starting a gift basket business, they’ll… Read More »

Baby Gift Baskets

Why Baby Gift Baskets Are So Popular Baby gift baskets continue to be best-sellers because of their high demand. Gift baskets for newborns are great for new baby gifts, baby showers, baby christenings and more. They are also popular among numerous groups of people including aunts, uncles, grandparents, god-parents, other relatives and friends. But, more… Read More »

Gift Basket Storefront

Is Online Gift Basket Presence Enough? Storefront gift basket location or online gift basket website? Which is better? You don’t necessarily have to choose one or the other. You’d be surprised at all the retail options for gift basket companies. When it comes to websites, you don’t have to be a technological guru to get… Read More »