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Fair Trade Ensures Children’s Rights

Ensure the Rights of Children: Fair Trade Principle #7 In many countries, child labor laws are in place to safeguard the welfare of children and prevent them from being exploited in the work place. By developing fair trade gifting businesses, you are helping to ensure that children are treated fairly throughout the world. Fair Trade… Read More »

Fair Trade Supports Safe Working Conditions

Fair Trade Principle #6 Empowers Fair Trade Workers By selling Fair Trade gifts & gift baskets, you promote worker empowerment and safe working conditions. This means that craftspeople who make fair trade products work in a healthy environment that is free from discrimination. In fact, according to Fair Trade Principle #6, “Producers and employees have… Read More »

Where Can I Buy Baskets for Gift Baskets

Where to Buy Wholesale Gift Baskets At the heart of every gift basket business is the basket. It’s hard to build a gift basket without the basket to put stuff in and on. But where does a person buy baskets for making gift baskets? Here are some options for purchasing baskets to use for gift… Read More »

New Year Gift Basket

What Goes in a New Year’s Gift Basket? So we’ve just about wrapped up the Christmas gift basket season. It’s always a busy time, but at least Christmas gift boxes and baskets are pretty cut and dried. Everyone knows what to put in a Christmas gift basket and how to adorn a Christmastime gift basket.… Read More »

Personalized Christmas Gift Baskets

Personal Gift Baskets for Christmas Nothing says Happy Holidays like a gift basket filled with personalized gifts that give enhanced meaning to the gift-giving season. Gift baskets with Christmas ribbon & bows make for festive holiday presents. But when those yuletide baskets also contain personalized gifts that have been chosen with care, they make the… Read More »