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Gift Basket Information Guest Posts Welcome

We welcome blog guest posts to the Gift Basket Information Blog. Please keep the following guest post guidelines in mind:

  • Guest posts from gift basket companies are welcome as long as the posts are informational in nature and not just posted for advertising or sales.
  • Only one link per post for your company website or blog. Preferably, that link should be in the bio information at the very bottom of the blog guest post.
  • Please do not include over three links total in your guest post submission and all links should be to G-rated content. With the exception of your one company link, all other links should be informational in nature to support the topic of your guest post.
  • If possible, please submit one photo or other graphic with your post, but only one and please keep it reasonably sized for faster load times.
  • All guest posts must be approved by Gift Basket Information blog staff folks.
  • Please submit your guest blog post using the contact form located below.
  • Only those who are registered members of the Gift Basket Information website/blog will be allowed to comment or post guest blog entries.
  • Your gift basket blog guest post will not be published if you violate any of the rules above.
  • To submit a blog guest post, just fill out the form below. If you want the guest post to have links and pictures, simply create it on any page/site that has an html editor such as your own blog or website. Then copy the entire post and paste it into the form below.

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