Advice to Gift Basket Suppliers

Gift Basket Product Tips

The gift basket market is lucrative and growing. This is good news for gift basket shoppers, gift basket makers and gift basket wholesalers. It is especially good news to small businesses that want to supply products to gift basket companies. Regional gift baskets are one of the best selling gift baskets on the market. Many people want to purchase regional and local products. They love it when gift basket businesses put together gift baskets and gift boxes filled with state products. But it’s tough to find good gift basket products at a reasonable price. Remember that the gift basket makers have to be able to buy your products, then put them in gift baskets or gift boxes, pay for all the  basket materials, pay for shipping and still make some kind of a profit. If they’re paying retail price for gift basket products, they have to charge way too much for their baskets to reasonably expect decent sales.

Suggestions for Gift Basket Product Suppliers

So here are some ways that you, as the producer of fine gift basket foods and other gift basket products can break into the gift basket supply business:

  • Keep reasonable prices for gift basket products.
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  • Make your gift basket products available to gift basketeers at a wholesale price.
  • Sell your food and gift products through a wholesaler. (It is much easier for a gift basket producer to buy all their products from two or three wholesalers than from 50 different supply companies.)
  • Provide samples to gift basket marketers who want to display items at gift shows, farmers markets, holiday shows and gift basket retail locations.
  • Help gift basket companies spread the good word by providing their gift basket company website links on your own company website as well as mentions on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Partner with Gift Basket Companies

Remember, gift basket business owners aren’t just your customers. They are your partners. You depend on each other for success. So it is in everyone’s interest to help each other survive and thrive.