Allergy Friendly Gift Baskets

Food Allergies are Serious Business

We all know someone with food allergies and realize how important it is to provide options for our friends and family members who have particular allergies. Over the past decade, schools, civic organizations and many restaurants have made great strides to cater to the needs of people with food allergies. But what about the gift industry and specifically gift baskets? Are there gift-giving options available for people who have food allergies and the folks who care about them?

Gift Baskets for People With Allergies

The gift basket industry has been a little slower in responding to the needs of those with allergies. In fact, until recently, it was nearly impossible to find gift baskets for our friends with particular food allergies. Fortunately that is changing. Unfortunately, our options are still slim. One company that has just begun to offer allergy-friendly gift baskets is Hometown Basket. The folks at Hometown Basket have begun by offering their first Gluten-Free Gift Baskets. One of these baskets is specifically called the Gluten Free Snacks Basket and the other is their Popcorn Sampler Gift Basket and Gift Box. This is especially nice since Hometown Basket has such wonderful yet affordable gift choices to begin with. In addition to their gift baskets, they also offer three choices of gift boxes including unwrapped boxes, gift-wrapped boxes and specialty wrapped boxes. In essence, this means that they have eight gluten-free gift options. And a quick look at their gluten-free gift basket shows that Hometown Basket understands that gluten-free doesn’t have to equate to flavor-free. Their gluten-free gifts include fun options such as:

gift baskets for food allergies

Gluten Free Snacks Basket

  • Snikiddy Snacks Macaroni & Cheese puffs
  • Bobo’s Oat Bar
  • Breeze Energy Bars
  • Kullku Quinoa Delight Bar
  • Honey Bunchies snack bar
  • Wholly Bites Clusters
  • Cocomels coconut caramel candies
  • Applooz Dried Apple Snacks
  • Wacky Apple Flat Fruits
  • Rocky Mountain Popcorn