Baby Gift Baskets

Why Baby Gift Baskets Are So Popular

Baby gift baskets continue to be best-sellers because of their high demand. Gift baskets for newborns are great for new baby gifts, baby showers, baby christenings and more. They are also popular among numerous groups of people including aunts, uncles, grandparents, god-parents, other relatives and friends. But, more than any other gift basket, it’s important that you’re careful about what you put in baby gift baskets and baby gift boxes. Some considerations when putting together a basket for babies are:

  • safety
  • need
  • aesthetics
  • gender
  • stage of growth

Safety First With Baby Gift Baskets

gift baskets for newborn babies

baby basket with plush animal

Safety is of the utmost concern when putting together a baby gift basket. This is especially true for newborn gift baskets. One of the biggest hazards is choking. Make sure that all items baby will interact with are not choking hazards. This is especially true of plush toys. Plush toys are popular items in baby gift baskets; but many gift basket companies still include plush toys with button eyes. That is, eyes that can be removed and, in the worst case scenario, swallowed. Instead, the eyes and other parts on plush animals for babies should be sown on rather than attached.

We’ll other important details to consider when building gift baskets for babies in future additions of the Gift Basket Information Blog.