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Promote Fair Trade

Gift Baskets Can Promote Fair Trade Those of us in the Gift Basket world can help raise awareness about the need for Fair Trade policies and practices while, at the same time, building our own gift basket businesses. Part of our mission is to educate our friends, families and even customers about the need for… Read More »

Fair Trade Gift Baskets Help Build Capacity

Fair Trade Principle #3: Build Capacity Starting a gift-basket business can be a daunting task as it is. Why would someone take on the additional role of helping to nurture the Fair Trade industry? Simple… because it is fulfilling for both the gift basket entrepreneur and for the recipients of fair trade policies. As a… Read More »

Fair Trade Principle #2 – Accountable Relationships

Fair Trade Gift Baskets This is the third blog post in our series about utilizing the Fair Trade Principles in the Gift Basket industry. Today, we’re discussing Fair Trade Principle #2 which is: Develop Transparent & Accountable Relationships The artisans and farmers who supply you with gift basket supplies deserve to make a fair living… Read More »

Why Fair Trade Gift Baskets?

Fair Trade Federation Principle #1 Welcome to the second blog post in our series about Fair Trade gift baskets. In today’s blog-post, we’ll take a look at the the first principle of the Fair-Trade movement. Create Opportunity Fair Trade provides people the opportunity to use their skills and art to earn a fair living. The… Read More »

Fair Trade Gift Baskets

Fair Trade Federation The next few Gift Basket Information posts will be about the Fair Trade Industry and Fair Trade Gift Baskets. Fair Trade Gift Baskets aren’t for every gift basket business. Because of shipping costs and limited suppliers, the costs of producing a Fair Trade Basket is often too high and the profit margin… Read More »