Fair Pay for Fair Trade Baskets

Fair Trade Principle #5 is Prompt & Fair Pay

fair trade gift baskets come from fair trade vendors who strictly adhere to the principles of fair trade

Fair Pay For Fair Trade Gift Basket Products

Many business elements that are taken for granted in developed countries are not always guaranteed in developing countries. One of those business practices is a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work. Fair Trade Principle #5 is titled Pay Promptly and Fairly. It seems like a simple business concept, but it is often lacking in third world countries and is greatly appreciated by fair trade artisans and the fair trade laborers who make the products for your fair trade gift baskets.

Fortunately, Fair Trade members encourage producers to price items so that they reflect the true cost of labor, materials, transportation and any other costs that go into producing fair trade products. By following standard fair trade practices, fair trade business owners ensure that fair trade craftspeople are paid adequately and appropriately for their products, their time and their skills.

Equal Pay for Fair Trade Merchants

Fair Trade practices also dictate that workers are paid fairly and equally for their work, no matter what their age or gender. Once again, these practices may be standard in many areas, but they are not universal and must be carefully monitored by those who sell fair trade products. Therefore, if you sell fair trade gift baskets, be sure to buy products from vendors who adhere to Fair Trade Policy and Principles. This assures that the products you’re using provided much-needed employment that paid fair wages and paid them in a timely fashion.