Fair Trade Ensures Children’s Rights

Ensure the Rights of Children: Fair Trade Principle #7

In many countries, child labor laws are in place to safeguard the welfare of children and prevent them from being exploited in the work place. By developing fair trade gifting businesses, you are helping to ensure that children are treated fairly throughout the world. Fair Trade Federation Principle #7 “support children’s right to security, education, and play.”

Fair Trade Gift Boxes Help Children Worldwide

fair trade gifts help protect children

Ensure the Rights of Children

In support of both the FTF and the United Nations, those who market fair trade products are helping to promote child safety and fair labor practices in places that might otherwise exploit poor children. Those who produce gifts such as Fair Trade gift boxes & baskets are also sending a clear message that children should be children, all over the world. They should have a right to good nutrition, a thorough education and a happy childhood.