Gift Basket Book Review

How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business

starting a gift basket business

Gift Basket business book by Shirley George Frazier

This is the second gift basket book review about starting a gift basket business. Today we’re reviewing the iconic Gift Basket Business book by Shirley George Frazier. It is possibly the most popular gift basket business book and certainly a best seller.

Home Based or Storefront Gift Basket Businesses

How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business focuses equally on the business and creativity of starting your own gift basket business. Although the title refers to home-based basket businesses, it could just as easily apply to gift basket companies that are based in a storefront.

Gift Basket Guru and Basket Business Bible

Ms. Frazier is considered the Gift Basket Guru and for good reason. She succinctly explains all the joys and potential pitfalls of starting your own basket business and gives incredibly helpful suggestions about the soup and nuts of getting your gift basket company off the ground. With chapters that discuss the basics of gift basket marketing, gift basket workspace setup and gift basket inventory, this home-based basket book is the gift basket bible and is a must-read for anyone thinking of launching their own gift basket business at home or elsewhere.