Gift Basket Business and More

Start Your Own Gift Basket Businessstart gift basket business

This is the first of two gift basket business books I’ll review for the Gift Basket Information blog. The full title of the book is, Start Your Own Gift Basket Business and More. It is part of the Entrepreneur Startup series of books and is currently in its second edition. It was written by Cheryl Kimball and is published by Entrepreneur Press.

Business of Gift Baskets

This particular gift basket business definitely focuses on the business end of starting your own gift basket company. It is not the book for those who want to learn about making gift baskets but for those who really want some good and in-depth information about starting their own company – big or small. It provides excellent details about all the requirements for getting your gift basket business up and running from the ground floor. And it does a good job of explaining the business-end of the gift basket world.

Gift Basket Business Book

This is one of two books that I highly recommend if you’re seriously considering the gift basket business. Read it with a highlighter in hand and pay close attention to the lists of supplies needed. Don’t be scared off by how long some of the lists are. It is possible to start less, but this book just lets you know what you’ll need over the long haul. If you’re interested in obtaining Start Your Own Gift Basket Business, I would recommend:

  • Buying it rather than checking it out from the library (so you can highlight and make margin notes)
  • Checking your local bookstore first; you’ll want people to shop locally at your gift basket business, so you should do the same and start making business connections.
  • If you can’t find these gift basket books in your local bookstore, it’s available at

Gift Basket Book by Gift Basket Guru

The next gift basket how-to book we’ll look at is the classic How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business by Shirley George Frazier.