Gift Basket Businesses for Sale

Gift Basket Businesses for Sale

If you have a gift basket company for sale, please visit the bottom of this page and submit the enclosed form. You can decide how much information you want to provide. Of course, you have the option of selling your business as a whole or in portions. If you decide to sell your business in separate portions, (products, baskets, website, supplies, shipping containers, etc.) you’ll need to fill out different forms for each portion you are selling. Please submit no more than three entries per person/business. There is no charge for this service, but you must be a subscriber to the Gift Basket Information Blog/Website. (There’s no cost for that, either.)

  • Colorado Gift Basket Business for Sale – ¬†This business ¬†sold in less than three days & is no longer available.
    • You can buy just the product, supplies, baskets and shipping boxes for $750 ($1500 wholesale value/$2000 retail value/$3,000 keystone value).
    • You can purchase the storage shelving units (two steel/wood large shelves & two storage/display shelves) and 12 plastic storage bins (10 big, 2 medium-sized) for $350.
    • You can purchase the entire inventory listed above for $1,000.


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