Gift Basket Storefront

Is Online Gift Basket Presence Enough?

Storefront gift basket location or online gift basket website? Which is better?

You don’t necessarily have to choose one or the other. You’d be surprised at all the retail options for gift basket companies. When it comes to websites, you don’t have to be a technological guru to get a gift basket site up and running. There are numerous e-commerce websites that make the job of designing a gift basket website quite simple. Rather than paying one hefty upfront fee to have a website built, you pay a monthly fee to host your site with a company such as Volusion.

Is Gift Basket Retail Space Affordable?

small town market

Is a village market gift basket shop location right for you?

The variables for gift basket retail space are infinite. You can open up a gift basket store in a regional mall… and pay through the nose for all that great traffic and visibility. Or you can find a local business-person who has some vacant retail space that may not be ideal – small, out-of-the-way, uncomfortable, etc. – and pay much less in monthly retail space rent. You’ve got to ask yourself, “What is my purpose?” Sometimes, you just want to have a physical presence in your community to supplement your gift basket website. In which case, you don’t necessarily need the perfect space. You just need somewhere that people can see your gift baskets in person rather than just on a website. That alone is often enough to set you apart from the competition. Although some people are perfectly comfortable just ordering a gift basket online, sight unseen, others need to see before they purchase. By having a retail gift basket location, you are one step ahead of the competition. A good example of good-but-not-great gift basket market location is the picture to the right of this paragraph. These little huts are not very big, open to the weather and a little off the beaten path…

But they are a physical location where the owner can show-off his gift baskets. Once again, that sets this gift basket business apart from some of the competitors. Sometimes, that little edge is all you need in the gift basket industry.