Gift Baskets Big Business

Gift Baskets Are More Than just Bows and Baskets

The North American gift basket business is valued at over $7.2 billion. That’s billion with a B. And most economists would tell you that it has a long ways to grow. That market is made up of two distinct gift basket groups. The first one is the big players like, Costco, Harry and David and other corporations that (with the possible exception of Harry and David) sell gift baskets as a sideline.

Local Gift Basket Companies

The other gift basket entity is local, independently-owned gift basket businesses. Whether you call them mom-and-pops, hometown baskets or small businesses, they play a significant role in the gift basket business. Let’s face it, gift baskets are a great gift-giving solution. But in order for them to be a viable solution, they have to be:

  • convenient
  • personal
  • high-quality
  • reasonably priced

The also have to have a decent selection of feasible gifts. In a later post, we’ll talk about niche baskets and various forms of affordable gift options.