Gift Baskets or Gift Box?

Beautiful Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets conjure up images of bows, ribbons & other frills. Gift basket makers pride themselves on their skill in producing stunning gift baskets that are so beautiful, the recipient may be hesitant to open them to get at the basket contents. Thousands of people love to receive these gorgeous gift baskets. It’s almost as if the contents are secondary to the presentation. But the basket contents are important, too. These lovely baskets often contain delectable food offerings or delightful spa products.

Of course such products and accoutrements come at a price. The average gift basket costs over $50 and is also fairly expensive to deliver or ship. The baskets are often bulky and require great care in packing so that the contents don’t spill all over inside the wrapping. Successful gift basket entrepreneurs know that it’s essential to include the shipping and handling costs into the price of the basket; otherwise, their basket business may not be profitable.

Inexpensive Gift Boxes

princess gift box

gift box example

Many gift basket companies have added gift boxes to their product line. In fact, a very small percentage of gifting companies even specialize in gift boxes and may not even carry traditional gift baskets. What is causing this trend? It’s simple!! Economics. Gift-giving companies can provide high-quality products at a much cheaper price by producing gift boxes rather than gift baskets. And then, of course, they pass those savings along to their customers.

Gift boxes may not be for everyone, but they certainly attract a certain gift-giving demographic. For some people, “What’s in it” is more important than “What’s on it.” For these people, the wrapping is less important than the actual contents of the gift basket. So for those folks, it just makes sense to provide a no-frills container for wonderful and delicious gifts. And shipping/handling costs are much less for a gift box than for a gift basket.

When Gift Boxes are Appropriate

So when and to whom would you give a gift box rather than a gift basket. One good example is your son, grandson or nephew who has just gone off to college. You want to send him a care package and are trying to decide what might be the best option. Here are some reasons why he may prefer a gift box rather than a gift basket:

  • Since gift boxes cost considerably less than gift baskets, you may be able to get him two gift boxes rather than one gift basket. (For example one at the beginning of the semester and another one for final exams week.) Who wouldn’t rather have two than one?
  • Imagine this scenario – Jr. has just moved into the dorms and is a little nervous about meeting all the residents in his dorm. He gets a message that there’s a package for him at the front desk. He goes down to get it and it’s a gift basket adorned with ribbons and bows and all kinds of gorgeous frills. Some people may love this. But does Jr. want to walk through the lobby, up the elevator and down the hall of his dorm with a frilly gift basket? Maybe and maybe not. However, do you know any Jr. who doesn’t want to receive a box full of treats that he can share with his roommate or snarf down during those long nights of studying?
  • Dorm room space is limited. Does Jr. want to use up his desk space with a large gift basket? Or would he prefer to empty the contents of a gift box into one of his drawers and then discard (recycle of course) the gift box… or use the gift box to store his new bounty or other dorm essentials in?

Gift Boxes and Gift Baskets Are Both Awesome, But…

… it’s nice to have choices. Everybody has different tastes and budgets. While some people may prefer the traditional gift basket, others may enjoy the practicality of gift boxes. So here’s a big salute to gift-giving options.  The more, the merrier.