Is Your Gift Basket Company Unique?

Unique Gift Basket Business Conundrum

If you’ve written a business plan for your gift basket business (Please tell me you’ve written a gift basket company business plan.) you know the importance of being unique. What sets your gift basket business apart from others? Whenever someone finds out that you’re starting a gift basket business, they’ll ask you, “What makes your gifting business different than all the others?”

Is Different Good in the Gift Giving Industry?

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People are Waiting for You to be Out Standing in Your Field

So here’s where you run into problems. Because in order to be unique, you have to be different; dddduuuuuhhh!

But then, as soon as you do something different, people start asking why you’re doing such a crazy thing. People expect your gifting company to be different, but often people are uncomfortable with different. For example, say you decide to offer free shipping on your gift basket website. That’s different, right? But of course your prices might look just a little higher at first glance. Sure, the free shipping is more honest, more forthright, less confusing and a really great idea… but it’s DIFFERENT!! So you’ll get inevitable comments:

  • Your prices look a little high?
  •             “Not at checkout they don’t.”
  • But people aren’t used to seeing the final cost up-front.
  •             “But showing the real cost up-front is more truthful.”
  • We can’t handle the truth!!!
  •               “You stole that from A Few Good Men.”
  • And so on…

Be Unique, But be Prepared

Customers have a love/hate relationship with individuality. On the one hand, they admire it; on the other hand, they’re uncomfortable with it. So here’s the bottom line. Go ahead and be unique; but be prepared for lots of questions. If you’ve got a good plan, it’ll work out. It might draw a lot of curiosity, but in the end, your business will stand out from the crowd.