2014 Gift Basket Convention

Elite Gift Basket Convention

Elite Gift Basket convention in california

Elite Gift Basket Convention

The 2014 Elite Gift Basket Convention, in Huntington Beach California, starts on February 20 and ends on Saturday, February 22. In yesterday’s Gift Basket Information blog post, we highlighted the Thursday gift basket convention events. Today, we’ll take a look at Friday’s schedule of events starting with the 10:00 am conference registration. The Elite convention is being held at the Huntington Beach Radisson which is located right next to the John Wayne Airport. For those flying into John Wayne Airport, the convention is in a very convenient location. It is also located fairly close to Huntington Beach for a nice quick beach getaway in the morning or evening.

Gift Basket Balloons

One of the highlights of Friday’s gift basket convention events is the two gift basket balloon information sessions. The first one starts at 11:00 and is called the Balloon Basics Class. That is followed at 1:00 pm by a class called “Incorporating Balloons into your [gift basket] business.” These events will present everything you wanted to learn about using balloons in your gift basket business.

Elite Gift Basket Convention

Gift Basket Vendor Tour

The Elite Gift Basket Convention is being held in Newport Beach, California on February 20 – 22. Gift Basket Convention events begin on Thursday with a Gift Basket Vendor Bus Tour. It starts at 7:00 am with the Floral Supply Syndicate where gift basket makers can get ideas for floral-themed gift baskets. Then, the gift basket bus heads into bustling Los Angeles to visit the Silk N Dollar and Four Seasons General Merchandise. After that, it’s back to Orange County for lunch at JDW Gift Basket Supply followed by a visit to Shinoda.

Gift Basket Convention Weather

huntington beach trail, a bike trail in california

Huntington Beach Trail

Daytime weather conditions for most of the gift basket conference will be in the low to mid-70s according to the latest forecast. So it ought to be a great convention not only for learning about the gift basket business, but also for getting outside and maybe even to the beach. What could be better than a bike ride on the Huntington Beach Trail or the Santa Ana River Trail?

Gift Basket Drop Shipping Companies

Why Gift Basket Drop Shipping?

There are many reasons why you’d want to use gift basket drop shipping? To begin, you may just need to drop ship gift baskets until you can build up your gift basket company inventory. Even after you’ve had your gift basket business running for a while, you may need gift basket drop shipping to fill out your gift basket offerings. It’s just one way to offer more gift baskets without the high overhead of making and storing a huge inventory of gift baskets.

Gift Basket Drop Shippers

Here is a partial list of companies that provide gift basket drop shipping:

Contact Us About Your Drop Shipping Experience

We’d love to hear about your experiences with drop shipping companies. Whether you are a gift basket small business, a storefront gift basket company, and online gift basket company or a gift basket customer. We’d love your feedback and information about drop shipping experiences. Please leave a comment below.


Gift Basket Drop Shipping Reviews

Gift Basket Drop Shipping Companies

Most gift basket professionals get into the business because they love making gift baskets. They enjoy creating gift baskets, decorating gift baskets and selling gift baskets. So why would someone use gift basket drop shipping and relinquish some of that gift basket creativity? Good question!! Here are some of the possible reasons:

  • Lack of money for funding a gift basket startup business – It’s expensive to pull together all the supplies, tools, shipping resources, etc. at the beginning of your gift basket career. Some gift basket entrepreneurs may just want to use gift basket drop shippers as a way to fill out their in-store and/or online gift basket inventory until they can get to the point of creating and selling all their own gift baskets and gift boxes.
  • Lack of gift basket business space – Many gift basket companies start out as home-based gift basket businesses. That often means limited space for storing gift basket inventory and gift basket accessories. Gift drop shipping allows gift basketeers to start slowly until they can learn how to manage their gift basket creation space and possible add more room for their gift basket operations.
  • Lack of gift basket know-how: Let’s face it; there’s a lot to learn when starting your first gift basket business. You don’t just slap together a basket and drop it off at the post office. You’ve got to:
    • find gift basket product suppliers
      professionally made gift basket

      savory gift basket

    • find gift basket accessories for making gift baskets
    • learn how to assemble gift baskets
    • discover how to ship gift baskets
    • keep monetary records for gift baskets
    • control your gift basket inventory
    • handle taxes for your gift basket company
    • advertise your gift basket business
    • build a gift basket website
    • manage your gift basket website
    • … and so much more!!

Is Gift Basket Drop Shipping the Right Choice for You?

Whether to drop ship gift baskets is a big decision. Many gift basket companies decide to start with a combination of their own baskets and drop ship baskets. This allows them to gradually grow into their gift basket business. But, just like the rest of your business, it’s best to look carefully and shop around before choosing a gift basket drop shipping company. Explore gift basket drop-shipping websites and ask lots of questions.

Share Your Experience With Gift Basket Drop Shippers

As always, rather than acting like the sole authority on an gift basket topics, I’d prefer to get input from all the experienced gift basket entrepreneurs out there. What kind of experiences have you had with gift basket drop shipping? Do you recommend drop-shipping gift baskets? Do you have any specific gift basket drop-shippers to recommend? We’d love to hear from you. Please share your comments.

Please Share Gift Basket Tips & Tidbits

What are Your Best Gift Basket Tricks, Short-Cuts & Tips?

Do you have a great gift basket decorating idea? What about your best source for gift basket baskets? What have been your gift basket best sellers? If you’re part of the gift basket community, we’d love to hear from you. We’d like gift basket information from gift basket designers, gift basket crafters, gift basket sellers and gift basket buyers. There’s no need to be a lone gift basket maker. Not when there are so many talented gift basketeers out there with a world of gift basket knowledge.

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Gift Ideas For An Engagement Party

Two people getting engaged is a great time for proper celebration. Love is always a wonderful thing and it is a privilege to get an invite for someone’s engagement party. If you have such a party coming up then here are some gift ideas you can consider giving.

Gift boxEngagement Mugs Or Plates

There are plenty of engagement mugs and plates that you can find in your nearest supermarket or even look up online. These can often be personalised with the name and engagement date of the couple.

This is a lovely gift that will also have a lot of practical use and will provide a great memory for the couple. You can even consider getting some nice wine glasses with the name or date written on the glass.

A Photo Book About The Couple

If you are able to get your hands on some photos of the couple you should consider creating a lovely photo book. This can celebrate their journey together and is a really lovely memory for the future.

You do have to spend some time getting it all together on time but it can be a really precious gift to give.

Little Something For The Wedding

Since the couple is announcing their engagement they will also probably have the wedding date set as well. Even if they don’t you could consider something to do with the wedding. For instance, there are some really nice books about how to prepare for a wedding.

You could also get a nice guestbook ready for them. Who knows the couple might even want to use it at the engagement party or later at another event. Something like this can be a really practical gift and will be a nice addition for the wedding.

Create A Luxury Food Hamper

You should also think about creating a lovely collection of luxury foods and drinks for the couple. This is something that they can enjoy together afterwards and really pamper each other.

Although there are readymade hampers available it might be a bit more personal to create one yourself.

Add some luxurious chocolate into the hamper and if the couple likes to eat cheese you can add different cheese selections for the hamper. Different nut and fruit mixes might also be a good idea. Buying red wine for the gift will also help make the whole thing just a little bit special. Go for something different such as vintage wine.

Wall Art

You want to provide an everlasting memory of this joyous occasion and therefore some wall art might be a good idea. You can get a lot of personalised wall art gifts that will add a very personal touch for the gift. It could even be a nice photograph of the couple in some lovely unique frames.

There are many pretty photo frame ideas at the A Little Craft In Your Day website. This is a nice lovely gift idea to consider and can be a long lasting memory for the couple about the day.

The above are really lovely gift ideas for a couple that just got engaged.

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