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Is Your Gift Basket Company Unique?

Unique Gift Basket Business Conundrum If you’ve written a business plan for your gift basket business (Please tell me you’ve written a gift basket company business plan.) you know the importance of being unique. What sets your gift basket business apart from others? Whenever someone finds out that you’re starting a gift basket business, they’ll… Read More »

Halloween Gift Baskets

Seasonal Gift Baskets Tis the season! In fact, tis always the season whether that season is Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah,  New Years, Valentines Day, Fourth of July, etc. And, of course, you folks in the gift basket business love “the seasons.” There’s definitely a gift basket for every season and a season for every gift… Read More »

Gift Basket Information Blog

The Age of Gift Baskets We are truly in the golden age of gift baskets. Whether you make gift baskets for fun or for business (or both), you have unlimited resources available. Between social media, easy-to-build websites, e-commerce sites and helpful instructional sites like YouTube, anyone can get started in the Gift Basket business. You… Read More »