Why Fair Trade Gift Baskets?

Fair trade federation principles

Fair Trade Principle #1

Fair Trade Federation Principle #1

Welcome to the second blog post in our series about Fair Trade gift baskets. In today’s blog-post, we’ll take a look at the the first principle of the Fair-Trade movement.

Create Opportunity

Fair Trade provides people the opportunity to use their skills and art to earn a fair living. The need for this opportunity is especially prevalent among farmers and artisans in the southern hemisphere. Many people in the global south live in poverty and lack access to jobs that pay a living wage. Fair Trade Federation members help these hard-working people improve their lives and working conditions.

Fair Trade Baskets

By producing gift baskets that contain Fair-Trade products, we can help create opportunities for those who could use a helping hand. This is not a charity but a way of helping people help themselves. They types of Fair Trade baskets that can be made are plentiful and  would be greatly appreciated by gift basket recipients. So here’s a big hats-off to those gift basket companies that make Fair Trade baskets.